Stody Lodge is renowned for its extensive collection of rhododendrons and azaleas which burst into spectacular colour each spring. A walk through its stunning four-acre Azalea Water Gardens, believed to be the largest single planting of brightly-coloured azalea mollis in the country (over 2,000 plants), is a truly unique experience. 

Stody Lodge Gardens

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In and around the attractive villages of Stody, Hunworth, Edgefield and Hindringham, the 兴旺登录 owns and lets a range of mixed-use commercial buildings and currently has several sites available for development. It also lets a wide variety of picturesque residential properties, varying in size from one to six bedrooms.

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Next spring Stody Lodge Gardens will once again welcome the public to enjoy its magical colour and woodland walkways. With 14-acres of dramatic rhododendrons, azaleas and camellias, all under planted with spring bulbs, it is one of East Anglia’s most dramatic spring gardens. Each May the gardens also host a range of special events and fun activities. Please click below for more details.

Stody Lodge Gardens